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Obviously not really Sgt. York’s rifle, he used an Eddystone. But this is the one that was used in the movie by Gary Cooper. At least one of them, it appears that several of the same type are used by him in the movie. This is a Rock Island 1903 that has several modifications. The rear sight is a model 1902 Krag sight that has been welded to the rear sight base, the trigger guard and floor plate are from a model 1917 as is the front band. The butt plate is a no trap Krag. Typical of movie prop guns this rifle has seen some hard campaigning, the stock is cracked at the wrist and has been repaired with electrical tape. The rifle could use a good going over and cleaning. The rifle offered here is a live rifle. However, it is unknown if anything has been done to the chamber in order to make it a blank firing rifle. Actual model 1903’s probably were hard to find in 1941 when this movie was produced. If you have watched the movie and are familiar with model 1903’s we are sure you have also wondered what was it that Mr. Cooper was shooting.