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Model 88 commission rifle. Manufactured in 1890 at the Danzig Arsenal. The receiver and stock have full German markings. The sight ladder, bolt, and safety are marked in Farsi numerals. Many thousands of these rifles were issued to the Turks during World War I by their German allies. This is the type of weapon that the Turkish army would’ve had at Gallipoli. Very good condition with smooth metal, strong stock with no cracks and no visible repairs. Waffenamt markings on the stock. An interesting and historic rifle from the early part of the last century. Although this rifle was built 130 years ago it was converted to 8x57mm ammunition during World War I. There are no import marks on this rifle. Because of this conversion it must be shipped to a FFL dealer or a 03 curio and relic’s license. It is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for shooting.