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Model 1891 Moisin Nagant rifle rebuilt by Finland during World War II. Early Imperial Eagle marked Soviet receiver with a 1941 dated Finland produced barrel. Typical two-piece stock plus remarked graduations on the rear sight. Bolt is mismatched. No import markings. Good bore.


Most firearms we sell are anywhere between 50 and 250 years old.  They are sold for collecting purposes.  This firearm is sold “AS-IS”.  It has not been test fired and we do not warrant the operation or safety of this firearm in any way.  You should have a competent gunsmith who is familiar with this type of firearm inspect and advise you of any potential safety concerns before attempting to fire it.

This item can only be shipped to a federal firearms license holder. 

Purchasing a firearm online is secure, easy, and often the most cost-effective way to buy firearms.  However, there are Federal, State and Local laws that must be obeyed:

1. Age Requirements: 18 years of age or older to purchase any complete rifle. 21 or older for Receivers, Lowers, and Barreled Actions.  State laws may vary so please be aware of your local laws.
2. Shipping Restrictions: Federal Firearms Laws prevent us from shipping firearms directly to you if you do not possess an FFL. Instead, we ship any firearm/assembly/receiver purchased on our site to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer in your area.

Here’s how it works:

1. Make your purchase online, ensuring you are following all state and local laws.
2. Your order will remain on hold until we receive a copy of a Federal Firearms License. We have not charged your credit card at this point.
3. Find an FFL dealer in your area that will accept the transfer of your firearm. Most dealers, which include sporting goods stores, pawn shops, gunsmiths and gun stores, are willing to do this for a small fee.
4. Have your dealer FAX or email us a copy of their valid and signed FFL form. Our FAX number is (480) 664-2490. Emailed copies can be sent to Please make sure your dealer includes your Order #, as well as your name with the FFL. California orders also must include a CFLC number (your dealer will know what this is).
5. Once your order is ready to ship, we will ship your order to your dealer and you will receive a confirmation of shipment via email.
6. Once your dealer receives your firearm, they will contact you and you can complete all the necessary paperwork and pick up your firearm.