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A 2 fer. One is a McFarland and the other is a Ramsey. First stock, the stock is rough but it has no cracks, no rack numbers, no rebuild markings, and no repairs. A number of scratches, dents, and bruises. A deep gouge in front of the cartouche and some healthy dents on the bottom of the stock at the edge of the pistol grip and near the rear sling swivel. The EMcF cartouche and crossed cannons are clear and distinct, only half of the firing proof is visible, looks like it was stamped this way. Second stock. Has a crack at the wrist, from the middle of the pistol grip on both sides running to the rear about 2 inches. A large sliver missing on the right side by the magazine well. The usual dings, dents, and bruises throughout. A rack number is painted on the bottom behind the rear sling swivel inlet. The cartouche, cross cannons and ordinance stock inspector stamp on the bottom of the pistol clip are clear. The original firing proof is not visible. A subsequent firing proof is very clear. Both stocks are dirty but certainly good candidates for restoration.