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A model 1871/88 Dutch rifle. This early bolt action rifle was initially a single shot. Starting in 1888 almost all of the rifles were converted to a magazine feed. The rifle had a long service life in the Dutch Army and was used up to the end of World War II. It is chambered for the 11.3X51R cartridge. These rifles were originally issued in the white. The rifle presented here is in very good condition, the metal surfaces have a mottled patina, all of the bolt parts are numbered to the receiver, everything appears to be original to this rifle. The butt plate has the date of the magazine conversion stamped on the tang. The stock has an interesting tiger grain and also is in very good condition with no signs of abuse. It has some well-defined inspector markings. The bore is shiny. The cleaning rod is absent. An interesting version of a non-Mauser bolt action that saw a lot of history.

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