As originally manufactured the M1 rifle had a very graceful and functional stock, due to the necessity of mass production during World War II many of the finer points of this early stock were deleted. While more difficult to produce, Dupage Trading Company opted to have the prewar 1939 pattern duplicated. This stock set is made to our specifications by Boyd Gun Stock Industries in South Dakota.

We specify 1st quality American black walnut in the construction of our stocks, they are turned on CNC machines to exacting dimensions and closely follow the original design. Our M1 stock sets consist of the butt stock, a front, and a rear handguard.  A finish that closely matches the original look of an original GI stock set has been applied by our team here in Arizona. This is to ensure that all three pieces of the stock set match in color.

The most difficult part of metal component assembly on a Garand is the rear handguard. So we include a used GI handguard clip pre-assembled for free.  We also offer our stock sets with all of the metal preinstalled as an option.  A stock set without the finish applied is also available. Please be advised. Our M1 rifle stock is a copy of the World War II military stock. As such it is made to original military specifications. Some proud wood is to be expected.  Regarding butt plate fit, our stock is manufactured to fit all original and most aftermarket M1 butt plates.  Because it has to fit everyone’s butt plate, it is slightly oversized and not a perfect fit in this area.  We think that you will find the Dupage Trading Company M1 stock set is the most authentic looking and carefully manufactured stock on the market.


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